Butterscotch Recipe

Butterscotch: sugar, butter, and cream, cooked to smooth, caramelized perfection. Almost identical in ingredients to brittle, crispy toffee, butterscotch is only cooked to the soft candy stage, where it remains soft and liquid, rather than hard and candied. Often made into a syrup, butterscotch is used as a sauce for ice cream and other confections. Itís also made into commercial butterscotch "chips", just like chocolate chips, which you can use in baking or melting down for sauce purposes.

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About Butterscotch

The origins of butterscotch date back to at least the 1800s, and the word itself was first recorded in 1817 in the town of Doncaster, England. The original recipe had been in circulation for over 100 years, and it was just recently recovered by a businessman, who now sells butterscotch candies using the original recipe. You donít have to travel to Doncaster to experience good butterscotch—you can make it right at home in your own kitchen. Enjoy our collection of authentic butterscotch sauce, confection, and candy recipes.

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